Aaron Goodson

Over 700 years old, Aaron has proven his capabilities on numerous occasions. He never loses.

Childe of Meneleus, Childe of Troile.  Aaron has had a past that is part tragedy, part phenomenon.  From shortly after his embrace, the year of which is still very much a debate, he was recognised as one to be watched, and not in a bad way.  Aaron has, over the centuries, served the Camarilla as an Archon and is known to have been involved in several vampire wars, those reports coming from New York, London, and even as far afield as Tokyo and Beijing.  What is known for certain is that he is of nordic origin as evident from his blond hair and piercing blue eyes, though he does not project any discernible accent.

There are many rumours and scant reports suggesting that Aaron is over a millenia old but nobody has ever felt the need to corroborate this.  His name is spoken with awe, pride, and even fear.  Among the Sabbat, his name is barely spoken in any more than a hissed whisper and he is definitely one of those the Sabbat Elders mention to their lessers as a means of keeping them on a tight leash.  He is a staunch defender of the Ivory Tower and enforces the Traditions in an uncompromising, efficient, and sometimes brutal, fashion.  To Aaron, it is either black, or it is white.  There is rarely any middle ground.

Over the course of his existence he has sired two childer.  His first was Ana Gunnarsdotter, the daughter of one of Aaron's most loyal retainers.  The second was Jurgen Masterson, a seemingly invincible knight.  Jurgen was later slain by Aaron for diablerising Ana.

Many believe that Aaron will be the one to turn the tide of the battle between the Ivory Tower and the Swords of Caine.  Aaron himself never directly answers that question, only ever saying that he will do what he must.




Aaron Goodson

Ana Gunnarsdotter

Jurgen Masterson

Dorothy DeLance