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Hollow Bridge

Hollow Bridge is a fictional city situated on the east coast of America in North Carolina, on the border of North Carolina and Virginia. The closest airport is Raleigh-Durham International Airport to the South-West and the closest city is Elizabeth City to the North-East. Hollow Bridge has its own Harbour and is generally quite self-sufficient with its trading. It is a democratic city.

Kindred History of Hollow Bridge

Hollow Bridge was a contested area towards the beginning of the 20th Century with both the Camarilla Kindred and the Sabbat Cainites vying for control.  The Camarilla goal was to secure the coastal position which they could use as a staging point to further the war in the Americas.  The Sabbat goal was to deny the Camarilla and seize the coastal city for themselves, with a similar purpose in mind.

The war a century ago forced an uneasy truce between the sects, lest they be discovered and over-run by the kine, splitting The Masuqerade asunder by the revelation that vampires do exist.  Added into the complication was the presence of Lupines in the Forest of Hollow Bridge who were set to enter the city and destroy the tainted presence of the vampire population, again threatening The Masquerade.  The truce brought an end to the hostilities between the two sects and both withdrew from Hollow Bridge in order to fall from the view of the kine.

Recent History

The Sabbat returned to Hollow Bridge in 2004 in as stealthy a manner as possible, but they hadn't banked on the Camarilla spies that were watching them.  A report was sent to the Camarilla Council, and they elected to permit a Prince to be appointed and a Court formed. An Archon was also despatched to observe the Court, and the Archon was Aaron Goodson.

Hollow Bridge's Layout

The past hundred years have seen Hollow Bridge grow.  As such, it has been split into districts.  These districts are:

City Centre







and each district is covered in greater detail on it's own page.