Haydn Quinn

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength” - Haydn Quinn

The childe of Roseanna Creed was embraced for the grace and beauty he demonstrated in the fields of acrobatics and swordsmanship. Trained as a Samurai in the far east from his early kine years, he is now technically classed as a Ronin by those of Japanese origin. This gaijin, however, overcomes this issue by swearing fealty to Camarilla Princes, whom he then views as his "Lord".

Independently wealthy thanks to the death of his kine parents, Haydn was the founder of the Shogun chain of motels, a simple project that aims to provide low cost temporary accommodation for all. All branches of the Shogun Motel have a few certain specific rooms for use by the owner and those with his authorisation.

Very rarely seen without his loyal dog, Thorne, Haydn is far from the delicate rose he appears to be. Reports of his activities in Delaware, where he is said to have combated a Vozhd, and a Tzimisce Methuselah, merely amplify that his reputation within the Camarilla has been hard-earned.

His time in the far east has seen him grow into a competent businessman and the code of Bushido is definitely at the forefront of all he does.