Toreador - Hallstead, Owen

Owen Hallstead, Hollow Bridge's favourite Medium.

Owen has, for as long as he could remember, been able to see things that weren't there. During his early years as a child, he would frequently run int his parents bedroom frightened out of his mind about a dark man standing at the end of his bed. Eventually, he became obsessed by this and his parents took him to see his doctor, who ran tests. Owen remembers the tests vividly. After the tests he began to quiet down, his parents thought that it had been a phase and he'd just grown out of it, or the doctor had managed to cure him. The truth was that he just stopped talking to his parents about it. The dark man was always there and Owen eventually learned that this was his Spirit Guide. He never did get the name, but he knew he was always there.

By the time he reached 16, he left home and tried to make his own way in the world. After some years doing manual labour he saved the life of a fellow worker and had his name splashed all over the papers. This led to TV interviews and finally landed Owen a small spot on a local TV programme as a guest medium. His reputation for accuracy began to grow and the requests for private sittings came pouring in.

It was his ability, however, that caused him to be chosen by his sire. Something about the beauty of innocent, untainted perception. Owen's sire was the last lucky one to be granted a private sitting prior to Owen's embrace. On that night Owen was tested by his sire, and passed the test flawlessly. The information came from the spirits in waves and Owen had a nagging thought that it wasn't right, despite the confirmation he was receiving from his client. How could someone have lived for nearly 200 years? Own thought that he was picking up on past lives of his sire, rather than the events of actual life. Finally, after receiving all the proof needed, Owen's sire entranced him and ambraced him as a childe.